We understand that you’re busy, but that you love your dog and want them to still get the exercise they need. It’s perfectly normal to feel guilty when you have to leave them to work all day. That’s where we step in!

Our dog adventures provide the essential exercise your dog needs and a safe environment to make new friends. We provide an active, stimulating adventure suitable for high energy breeds.

We believe our adventures are the perfect match for the Spaniel breed, and in 2020 we launched ‘The Spaniel Squad’. The majority of our squad members are spaniels, our outdoor adventures are perfectly to this active breed. We love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors.

Though Spaniels are our specialty all breeds are absolutely welcome at Paws 4 Thought!”

We have 3 levels of adventure walks to choose from Mini, Standard and Deluxe.

Mini – 30 minutes long and great for those little legs, older dogs or younger dogs who are not yet suitable for our longer adventures. From 6 months of age.

Standard – 60 minutes long and our most popular. It is suitable for dogs 12 months of age and over.

Deluxe – 2 hours exercise between the hours of 830am and 230pm. These two hours are proivded in the most suitable way for our squad members eg, 2 x 60 mins or 1 x 90 mins plus 1 x 30 mins.

We hold a few exclusive sessions per week at an enclosed agility field. These are available as part of our Mini, Standard or Deluxe adventures and are extremely beneficial for dogs with an unreliable recall. Our other favourite places to visit weekly are around the Rivington & Smithills areas.

There are many different aspects to what makes a P4T Dog Adventure. We always ensure the squad are on the most suitable adventure for their needs. As well as ball games we incorporate scent games and nose work to provide mental stimulation as well as physical. We vary the locations we visit to provide a range of different places to explore. Our mission is to make every day a new adventure!

We encourage your dog to play and develop with consistent direction. Squad members form solid relationship’s and learn good social skills, so you can relax after a long day at work knowing your dog is content and well exercised.

Squad members are transported in either our ex police dog van or estate vehicle, both with fitted cages and ventilation for their safety and comfort whilst travelling. Safety is paramount on our adventures so there are some requirements to join the squad. These can be found in the FAQ section.

We very much understand that your circumstances will often change, new jobs, moving homes, starting a family. That your dog could experience illnesses, behavioural changes and after many years have different needs as a senior dog. We pride ourselves on being there for all of these changes and support you throughout.

The P4T squad is for life not just for an adventure. Contact us for an information pack to join today!