Our packages are created to help you and your new addition from the day you start new life together. We understand that having a busy daily routine can make it difficult to always be around for your puppy.

We can provide one or two visits daily up to 5 days per week. As standard each visit will include a toilet break, playtime, cuddles, clean up duties and top up of water. We tailor our packages based on each stage of your puppy’s life, and as they grow and mature our packages adjust to match.

Our puppy packages are very exclusive. We know that our pup squad need our dedication and commitment to help them develop into a healthy, happy adult. We can help with basic training and will provide consistency on any training techniques you are putting into action. Once a suitable package has been arranged, we will put everything into place to give your puppy positive first experience as part of the squad.  We have a dedicated ‘pup squad box’ containing all things we use ourselves like fun brain training games and enrichment toys. We will introduce these to your puppy as and when required to ensure they are always relaxed, content and stimulated whilst under our care. We own both puppy carriers and puppy pushchairs to prevent over exercising if necessary. We are committed to working alongside all our puppy paw-rents to ensure the best future for your dog.

We very much understand that your circumstances will often change, new jobs, moving homes, starting a family. That your dog could experience illnesses, behavioural changes and after many years have different needs as a senior dog. We pride ourselves on being there for all of these changes and support you throughout.

The P4T squad is for life not just for an adventure. Contact us for an information pack to join today!